About Us

Why Sigil Partners?

Sigil Partners was founded to provide a refreshing approach towards the field of technical professional search, a service that many corners of the market would agree is flooded with excess competition, pushy salespeople and a commoditized, sub-par product.

Our team is as experienced as it is successful, with each member averaging over a decade of experience in the technical recruitment industry. Our common take on the market is simple: form genuine relationships, facilitate positive professional connections where needs exist, and create lasting value for all parties through qualified technical vetting and exceptional communications.

We follow our mission statement and core values on a daily basis, and we pursue an obsessive focus on our customers’ needs by building complete relationships with our highly-skilled candidates, and working with the speed and elasticity needed in an ever-evolving technical hiring market.

Our Mission

Sigil Partners strives to be the elite search firm that offers the technical expertise and unparalleled service experience that our customers and candidates are compelled to return to.

Our Core Values


Hiring can be incredibly time-sensitive, often with real business dollars tied to each passing day that a need goes unfilled. We realize this throughout every step of our process, striving to provide timely, valuable information to our candidates and customers before they ask for it.


We believe in lasting relationships formed through the creation of genuine, repeatable value. Sincerity, authenticity and transparency in the people business is paramount above all else.

Every action we commit is made with forward progress and expansion in mind: for our clients’ teams, for our candidates’ careers, and for our own success as a recruitment partner.

Technical recruiting in an ever-evolving industry. Our team recognizes that the search for knowledge through curiosity and continual training in our field is imperative to meet the technical demands of our customers and ensure that our best product is being put forward.


Micromanagement is a term that doesn’t exist at Sigil. We empower every team member as a self-starter that is wholly accountable for their own success, and that strives to lead and better those around them. This reflects in every interaction with our candidates, suppliers, and customers.