Sigil’s Commitment to
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Diversity in Hiring

Inclusive Talent Sourcing

Employment Equity

D&I Sourcing Program

In lockstep with our customers’ own goals, Sigil Partners is dedicated to advancing our talent network in technical, engineering and general business ecosystems through a commitment to sourcing, referring, and hiring members of underrepresented groups.

Our Diversity & Inclusivity Sourcing Program rapidly delivers exceptional and diverse talent, and has met with tremendous success across SMB and enterprise hiring environments alike.

About Our Program

Sigil Partners and our customers recognize that diversity empowers individuals and organizations alike. It’s a critical component that accelerates growth in advanced industries by increasing innovation through a variety of perspectives.

Our D&I Sourcing Program was designed to recruit and attract candidates of all backgrounds to Sigil’s extensive Talent Network for referral to our industry-leading customers. To build and deliver a diverse candidate pool, we utilize targeted and proprietary strategies within our Agile Sourcing Methodology to attract talent from underrepresented groups in tech including women, African Americans, Hispanics, Veterans, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Case Study

“Sigil has consistently adapted to our evolving priorities and built pipelines of high-potential diverse profiles. These efforts have enabled our team to hire from a larger and broader talent pool in a very niche space. They are dedicated to staying close to candidates at each stage of the process and are proactive in their approach to managing the candidate experience. “

– Recruitment Manager, Atlanta GA

From the period of 2020-2022, a major global name in the digital transformation space deployed Sigil’s D&I Sourcing Program towards its US-based diversity hiring efforts. Through constant collaboration, an ever-evolving strategy, and consistent iterations within the D&ISP, Sigil directly supported its partner in acheiving:


A marked increase in outreach towards communities typically under-represented in tech


Nearly triple-digit headcount increase


A 40%+ diversity hiring rate among Sigil-referred candidates


Great Service!

How We Work

In combination with our Agile Sourcing Methodology, Sigil’s D&I Sourcing Program utilizes technical expertise, proprietary search techniques, and a true understanding of our customers’ needs to yield exceptional diverse talent.


Speak with our team to discuss your recruitment challenges, timeline, and what matters most to your project. No two hiring environments are the same, so our model is flexibe to meet yours.


Qualified, exceptional candidates are the result of our agile sourcing method and strategic outreach. The market is ever-evolving, and our proactive approach to communication ensures that we’re adjusting our search as your needs change.


We’re here to help throughout the interview process, ensuring that candidates are engaged and clear expectations are set. When it comes time to offer and onboard, we’re as involved or as hands-off as you’d like.