Exceptional Talent, Accelerated

We are an elite search firm that offers the technical expertise and unparalleled service experience that our customers and candidates are compelled to return to.


Our recruiting expertise covers the most in-demand corners of the market


From Cloud Architecture to Desktop Support, and everything in-between.


Facing the market’s most in-demand aerospace, automotive, civil, and other needs.

Defense & Aero

Cleared and uncleared full-time and subcontract labor across all Technical, Engineering, and Functional skillsets.


Accounting, Analysis, Administration, and critical back-office personnel.


Business Development, Sales Engineering, Digital Marketing, and E-commerce.


Skillsets We Recruit


Certified Engineering and Architecture talent in AWS, Azure and GCP


Optimized CI/CD and monitoring, best practices implementation, automation and IaC

Software Development

Java, .NET, C++, Scala, Rust, Xcode, Swift, Python, Go, Kotlin, Ruby, Objective-C and others

Web Development

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Node, React, Vue, Angular, Backbone, Bootstraps, Django, Flask and more

Data Science and Analytics

AI, ML, NLP, Computer Vision, Data Warehousing, Predictive Modeling and Data Lakes

Management and Leadership

From Business Analysis and Project Management to Director, VP, and C-level technical leadership offering transformative org-wide guidance


Architecture, Engineering and Administration in Security, Networking & Systems, and Virtualization


Coaching and transformative leadership across Kanban, coding standards, sprint tracking, release planning, and other best practices

Finance & Accounting

Cost and Tax Accounting, Financial Analytics, Portfolio Management, Actuarial Services, IT and Financial Audit, Bookkeeping, AR & AP, Human Resources

Sales & Marketing

Business Development, Sales, Engineering, Channel Sales Management, Account Executives, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Research and Analytics, Growth Marketing


Production, PLC, EHS, CAD Design, Quality Engineering, CNC Programming, Continuous Improvement


Propulsion, eVTOL, Flight Controls, Aerodynamics, Power Distribution, High and Low-Voltage Systems


Autonomous Features, E-Drive Systems, E-Mobility, Embedded Software, Powertrain, Thermal Engineering, Instrumentation


Controls, Robots, Electrical Design, Battery & Power Distribution, Automation


Design, Project Management, Mission Critical Facilities, Civil Infrastructure, Power & Distribution


Embedded Engineering, Fullstack Development, Python, Go, C++, Kotlin, Ruby, Others


Propulsion, eVTOL, Flight Controls, Aerodynamics, Power Distribution, High and Low-Voltage Systems


Secure Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Cloud, DevSecOps


Production, PLC, EHS, CAD Design, Quality Engineering, CNC Programming, Continuous Improvement

How We Work

Trust the process: we thrive on simplicity, speed, transparency and open communication. Combine that with our technical competency, and great job offers follow.



Speak with our team to discuss your recruitment challenges, timeline, and what matters most to your project. No two hiring environments are the same, so our model is flexibe to meet yours.
manager explaining new position



Qualified, exceptional candidates are the result of our agile sourcing method and strategic outreach. The market is ever-evolving, and our proactive approach to communication ensures that we're adjusting our search as your needs change.
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We're here to help throughout the interview process, ensuring that candidates are engaged and clear expectations are set. When it comes time to offer and onboard, we're as involved or as hands-off as you'd like.
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When a Sigil Recruiter sends you a request to connect, we have a specific purpose in mind. We have a career-making opportunity to share with you, and request 20 minutes of your time so you can learn more.

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Interviewing can be daunting, especially when juggling multiple opportunities and existing job duties. Sigil's Recruiters and Account Representatives ensure that you are well-represented and always at the top of your future employer's inbox.

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When the time comes for an offer, setting and executing proper expectations keeps surprises at bay. We understand our clients, including their selection and offer processes, and are here to coach through what's often a major life decision.

Our Specialties

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Full-Time Professional Search

Sigil Partners delivers exceptional and available tech talent ready for immediate interview and direct employment.

Dallas Texas

Contract and Project Work

Rapid temp-to-hire, T&M, and SOW services, ready as-needed for short and long-term assignments.

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Diversity & Inclusivity

Sigil’s D&I Sourcing Program connects highly qualified candidates from underrepresented groups with career-making opportunities

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Complete or partial hiring plans tailored to each unique customer and need.