One of Sigil’s most active practices, our Technology division follows an Agile Sourcing Methodology that allows it to cut through massive amounts of human capital data up to 80% faster than traditional searches.

We use an iterative, intelligent, and adaptive process through a combination of search tools and techniques, yielding highly qualified and well-matched technical options. From there, targeted and thoughtful messaging ensures candidate engagement and prompt submissions to our customers.

In short: our Technical Recruiters find those that others can’t, and faster.

Success Story

An industry-leading technology product sought major growth in their Engineering and Development headcount to meet customer demand. Over a 2 year period, Sigil placed dozens of qualified Development, Management and Cloud resources on mission-critical projects, advancing the team towards record expansion and revenue.

“The Sigil team has been a reliable and consistent staffing partner for our team over the past few years. The positions we hire for are no easy recruit, and even though the market for this type of talent is extremely competitive, they have been able to deliver a steady stream of strong candidates for us to consider. [Sigil] are very knowledgeable and work hard to maintain well-cultivated relationships with all of the candidates we have in process. The team is always very receptive to feedback and is able to adjust their sourcing/recruiting strategies quickly and seamlessly when needed. It is obvious that candidate quality and delivery excellence is top of mind for Sigil, and I have no doubt that our partnership with them will continue to flourish in the coming years.”

Director of Talent

Atlanta, GA


Technology Disciplines


Certified Engineering and Architecture talent in AWS, Azure and GCP


Optimized CI/CD and monitoring, best practices implementation, automation and IaC

Software Development

Java, .NET, C++, Scala, Rust, Xcode, Swift, Python, Go, Kotlin, Ruby, Objective-C and others

Web Development

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Node, React, Vue, Angular, Backbone, Bootstraps, Django, Flask and more

Data Science and Analytics

AI, ML, NLP, Computer Vision, Data Warehousing, Predictive Modeling and Data Lakes

Management and Leadership

From Business Analysis and Project Management to Director, VP, and C-level technical leadership offering transformative org-wide guidance


Architecture, Engineering and Administration in Security, Networking & Systems, and Virtualization


Coaching and transformative leadership across Kanban, coding standards, sprint tracking, release planning, and other best practices

Our Specialties

Cityscape of Atlanta

Full-Time Professional Search

Sigil Partners delivers exceptional and available tech talent ready for immediate interview and direct employment.

Dallas Texas

Contract and Project Work

Rapid temp-to-hire, T&M, and SOW services, ready as-needed for short and long-term assignments.

Cityscape of Detroit MI

Diversity & Inclusivity

Sigil’s D&I Sourcing Program connects highly qualified candidates from underrepresented groups with career-making opportunities

Cityscape of Detroit MI

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Complete or partial hiring plans tailored to each unique customer and need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sigil understand my business?

Our Recruiters and Account Reps average a decade of experience, and as a team have placed virtually every technical skillset across every industry in the market many times over. Despite that, we never forget that every company, division, and Hiring Manager are different. So as a first step, we seek to understand several things, including your hiring motivators, your team environment and culture, and skillset nuances that make for strong technical fits. With this under our belt, we're ready to present candidates that we can truly consider as qualified, great fits.

How soon can I expect Candidates?

Following our full qualification of the hiring need, you can expect market updates within 48 hours, often sooner. Our reachback capabilities into our candidate pool, combined with our Agile Sourcing Methodology in finding new talent on the market, typically results in qualified and available options within four business days. In cohesion with a rapid interview process, our goal is an offer acceptance within two weeks.

Can Sigil provide Contract or Temp-to-Hire resources?

Yes, we can identify options for direct hire, short or long-term contract, or candidates willing to convert full-time after an initial contract trial period.

What does it cost to initiate a search?

Nothing whatsoever! Our traditional searches are performed entirely on a contingency basis, so you won't see an invoice until a resource begins work. If you're considering a retained search or structured support model, please contact us about RPO options, as well.

What skillsets does Sigil specialize in?

Our team can find anything, but our strengths lie within anything and everything technology and engineering. Data, Software, Cloud, DevOps, Infrastructure, Agile, Automotive, Mechanical, and Civil to name a few. Take a look at our Industries pages for more, and don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in a more nuanced search.

Are you focused in a specific geography?

Our team members sit throughout the United States, and our searches cover all of North America, coast-to-coast. Historically, tech and engineering talent demands have typically led us to focus in major metropolitan areas, but the recent rise in remote work has expanded our searches and candidate pools to less common areas in the US and Canada, as well.

What services does Sigil Partners offer for candidates?

Our Recruiters work one-on-one with our candidates to help the job search, interview and offer processes advance as seamlessly as possible. We do this through a candid conversation around target opportunities, resume review, interview prep, and continuous, high-value feedback.

How long will the job placement process take?

Every Hiring Manager's approach is different, but we generally target a 2-3 week timeline from the submission of your profile to a verbal offer.

Why do some recruiters contact me for irrelevant roles?

Sadly, many corners of the market rely on keywords and email spamming to build their candidate pools. Sigil's Recruitment team is comprised entirely of Senior resources...we connect the best talent with the best employers, and would never waste our, your, or our customers' time by using such tactics.

Do you work directly with employers?

Yes! Some recruiting groups prefer layers and service providers, but Sigil only works with direct, qualified Hiring Managers. We prefer to be in contact with the decision makers before commiting our time or yours towards the recruiting process.

If I share my resume, will you present it without my knowledge?

Absolutely not. Integrity is one of our core values, and without the good faith of our candidate network, we wouldn't get very far! A Sigil Recruiter will only present your resume or profile after discussing a specific opportunity with you.

As a Candidate, why work with Sigil Partners?

Our mantra is to provide transparency in all that we do. As a Candidate, that means you will always know where you stand with an opportunity, a Hiring Manager, and with what we beleive is the best course of action. We will never claim perfection, but will always be authentic!

How does Sigil decide if I'm a good Candidate for their opportunities?

Other transaction-focused firms begin "selling" a position to applicants immediately. We begin with a question: "What's important to you in your job search?". This information drives us in the application, interview, and offer processes...during all of which Sigil represents you to our clients' Hiring Managers. We recognize the individual motivations of each and every candidate, and pride it as a key strength.

How long should my resume be?

It’s a myth that a resume should be no longer than one page. What's important, however, is to avoid extraneous information that isn't relevant to the job description at hand. A focused resume between 2-8 pages demonstrates to our Hiring Managers that a candidate can present their relevant skillsets in a written format, and is likely worth a conversation.